Behind The Lens:

Meet Hana Adams; Model, photographer, and modern day golden girl. This sixteen year-old California native spends her days capturing moments with her trusty camera, writing poetry, and enjoying the artistic expressionism of competitive dance. Hana’s interest with photography first began when she realized the infiniteness that a photograph has to offer. The concept of being able to capture a moment with a single click and making that moment last forever is truly something wonderful and addictive in the best sense. “It makes me feel full,” says Adams, when asked about her motivation.

Hana’s Izzy Be story began when her friend Jillia—an ambassador for the company—joined Hana for a photo-shoot. Her mother was so impressed with the pictures that she quickly showed them to the owner of the company, who was equally impressed with the talent presented. Their first photo-shoot together was an instant success. Adams claims that they “clicked right away” and that they all had “such a great time”.  She was soon invited back for another shoot and has been a part of the Izzy Be family ever since.

“What drew me to Izzy Be was their mission to spread positivity instead of negativity. That’s really what I hope to accomplish with my photography.”

To see more of Hana Adams’ work, make sure to check out her photography account on instagram, as well as her website:

Written by: Andrea Taylor