We are so excited to introduce you to Madison and Lia Moore, two sisters who are so ready to take the world by storm!  These beautiful siblings are young hosts, actresses, and models who have been in the entertainment industry for several years now and find that working together is one of their favorite things to do. These dynamic sisters have had the pleasure of hosting many events with A-ListTVSamira Network, and their very own Network, MooreReality!  During their experience as hosts, they have already interviewed many well-known stars & celebrities including, musical artist, Brian McKnight; Friends, Elliott Gould; Nickelodeon Game Shakers, Thomas Kuc; Fox's The Mix, Thomas Barbusca; and Disney's Bella and the Bulldogs, Lilimar, and to name just a few!  And from what we can see, this is just the beginning.

They began to realize the impact that they could have with the 'Red Carpet' platform given to them.  And they do see it like this...a gift.  What we love about these special girls is that they see this gift as something that is not solely for oneself.  They view it as a gift that should be shared with others.

Recently, Madison and Lia shared that through their partnership with us at Izzy Be Clothing, they have realized that they can use their voice to 'make a difference.'  They explain that being in the Industry is tough and many kids deal with a lot of jealousy, hate, and judgment from others. They hope to be an inspiration to others and show that we all can stand for something bigger!  With a critical mission that is very in line with ours, they want kids everywhere to see that showing kindness, support, and allowing yourself to 'Be You' is enough!  In a time when bullying is at the forefront of everyone's minds, we think that their timing couldn't be better.

We think that they are off to a fantastic start!!  We are truly inspired by these exceptional girls who not only have big dreams; they also have huge hearts. We are so excited about the plans that we have together with Madison & Lia. Working with them has indeed confirmed our belief that we are truly 'better together.' To say that we are excited and honored to be teaming up with these excellent role models is an understatement!

Rumor has it they will be having some pretty big news for us very soon;) We have a feeling that we are going to be seeing a lot more of this dynamic duo and honestly, this is quite okay with us!  Keep a watch out for them.  They will be the ones speaking positive phrases like, "Always remember to Be Kind, Be Real, and Be You!"


Photography by Hana Adams of