1). Lighting is KEY 

Natural lighting is gonna be your best friend. I'm telling you! Take photos facing a window. I promise, you will look like a literal angel in your next selfie. 


2). Know Your Angles

Speaking of angels, know. your. angles! This is crucial to being the photo taking queen! Test taking photos from an upward angle. Try a downward angle. Try every angle, and just see which one suits you the best!


3). Don't Over Edit

You want your photos to look natural, and polished. Sure, editing is fun, but do not over do it! Editing is like makeup, it's suppose to enhance not overpower. 


4). Blank Backgrounds = Your BFF 

You want to be the focus! If you don't know where to take photos, take them in front of a blank background. One spot that always comes in clutch is a white garage door.... you're welcome! ;) 


5). Have Options 

Don't be afraid to say "hey, can you take some more?". You need options! Out of every 30 photos you take... there is usually about 4 that make the cut! Let's be real! When it comes to taking pictures, the more the merrier!


6). Ask For Help!

One of the struggles of having your photos taken, is having someone to take your photos. You can utilize the self timer for help. Ask your mom to be your photographer for the day. Know somebody who loves to take photos? Ask them if they would want to practice taking photos with you! 

7). Editing Apps 

There are apps like VSCO, Lightroom, & even Instagram that help with creating a certain look and filter to your photos! Just remember - don't over edit! :) 



Follow people on Instagram that inspire you. Even following photographers can give you inspiration as to what kind of photos that interest you! Pinterest is always super fun to utilize when you are looking for inspiration as well. Did you know there's an Izzy Be Pinterest page! ;) We got you! 





Kelsey Leon: (@kelseyleonofficial)

Emily Skinner: (@emilyskinner_)

Izzy Brown: (@itsizzybrown) 



Teddie Hart: (@teddiehartphotography)

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