We absolutely love what they stand for and we believe that you will too!

What is a Red Beret?

A Red Beret is a young person with solid principles, and a powerful heart. A respectful friend who is committed to being a leader in kindness as a strength. Because it's okay  to be kind and humble, as long as you're rock solid inside...that makes you awesome! THAT moves the world forward.

                                                                                          ~ Angelina Gozzi, Founder ~

In an attempt to reverse the difficult attitudes that have developed through the years among a young generation, the Red Berets, will voice their core principles and values out loud for the world to hear. 
 Through their social media they vow to:
- Encourage ways to prevent and solve friendship woes.
- Carry-out special projects to help those in need; the sick, the less fortunate.
- Stay advocates of kindness through our growing years.
This is something that we, at Izzy Be, believe that we can all get into agreement with!
About the Founder...
As a child, Angelina fell in love with her mother's red beret. She came to be known as the "girl with the red beret" at every modeling and acting event, and among friends and family. She stood out, not just because of her beret, but mostly because of her kindness.
Born with a peaceful, solid heart and unusually deep understanding of humankind, she was not afraid to put her voice on kindness out for the world to hear. In November 2013, she begged her mother to help her start a project she dreamed of... that of letting her generation know the lasting kind of strength and beauty lies inside oneself, not on the surface. But how do you show that? She needed something visible... This is how Red Beret was born.
At Izzy Be, we believe that TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
We are so honored to be partnering with an organization like this, that thinks and believes the same way that we do! We truly are more powerful together. 
Join us in this Mission to Change the World For The Better:)
Please make sure to find out more about this incredible movement at the links below. 
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