Moments of Hope is an organization dedicated to fighting against Childhood Cancer by raising Awareness and sending packages to little warriors worldwide
Their Story: 
"My name is Mariana, I am 17 years old from South America (Colombia). 2 years ago, I was scrolling down on Facebook and saw a support page (Smack this Mack) for a little 3-year-old girl named Macklyn Campbell Moments who was fighting Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer, I started following her journey and praying for her. She had the sweetest heart. On May 6th, 2016, after a courageous battle, she flew to Heaven. At that moment, I realized that I had to do something in her honor to help other kids in her same situation.

May 9th, 2016. I created an Instagram account called @moments.of.hope to post the stories of other little cancer warriors around the world. I wanted to share with the everyone the reality of Childhood Cancer. Just some days after, I saw an IG account of a wonderful Brave Boy. His name was Brooks Blackmore and he was fighting an Inoperable Brain/Spinal Tumors (Astrocytoma). He gained his angel wings on May 21st, 2016. His Bravery and beautiful smile made me want to do something to keep his legacy alive, so I messaged Brooks and Mack's family asking if I could start making packages for kids with cancer in honor of them and both agreed. At that moment, the project "Bundles of Faith" started. During this past year, more than 150 packages have been sent to little fighters from all over the world with the help of amazing sponsors.

This account changed my life forever. It made me see the beauty in simple things, I learned to enjoy every single moment and to love deeper. These kids show me every day that you can fight with a smile no matter how hard it is and you can be Brave even when you are afraid.

We need to fight together so we can change this reality of childhood cancer. It doesn't matter how old are you, your voice counts and you can make a huge difference in their lives. We will spread the Word until everyone is aware and we will raise funds until we find a cure."
How YOU Can Help #MakeADifference:
Moments of Hope has a GoFundMe page that you can easily donate any amount to. Whether it's $1 to $100 - any amount is appreciated. 
Sponsor a Package: 
During this past year, they have been able to send packages to little warriors from the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, but it's always possible with the help of amazing people from all over the world. If you would like to sponsor a package for a local warrior, you can make your donation to her Go Fund Me and if you would like to make one for a child from your country, you can send her an Email or Direct Message and she will get you all the information. 

Raise Awareness:

Another great way to help is spreading awareness. We need to tell the world that Kids Get Cancer Too, they need to know the reality of childhood cancer. Today, please learn a little more about it, know the statistics and share some of them with your family and friends.


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The founder of Moments of Hope, visiting Brooks Lee, the inspiration behind the company.