At Izzy Be, we are not only passionate about inspiring our youth; we are determined to give back and bring light to causes that mean something to us. We not only want to raise our voices, but we also want to raise awareness. Destiny Rescue has indeed made such an impact on our lives, and we hold them so profoundly to our hearts. We encourage you to research with the links provided below and help raise awareness for this remarkable cause!

Who is Destiny Rescue?

Destiny Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues children out of slavery. Their mission is to "rescue, restore, protect, empower and be a voice for the voiceless." Destiny Rescue is devoted to
"fighting for their freedom, their restoration, and their futures."
Their vision is to rescue the enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.


What have they done to Make A Difference?

So far, they have rescued over 2,000 children out of slavery since 2011, not only in the United States but all over the world. They have raised an unlimited amount of awareness that has ceased children from entering the world of slavery and keeping them safe.
Destiny Rescue provides rescued children the intensive care and love they need to recover from the traumatic effects of abuse. They offer them medical help, counseling, schooling, vocational training and all daily needs required to be integrated back into society successfully. Also, they provide a safe, protective place for them to live, grow and experience the unconditional love of God – a place where they can feel valued and esteemed; a place where they can be kids again.


How Can You Get Involved?

Our goal at Izzy Be is to help connect you to causes & organizations that you may not otherwise know about. Often we can feel so powerless to help make a difference in an issue that is so overwhelmingly large & dark, but the smallest steps can lead to the biggest changes when taken one at a time.  
Here is where you can help...
We sincerely believe that knowledge is power.
Please educate yourself & your children. 
You can be voice, and raise awareness for the ones who cannot speak for themselves.
Follow Destiny Rescue on Instagram here

Learn more about Destiny Rescue's mission here.


Making a Difference Together

You can also help by purchasing one of
Our Limited Edition "I Speak For Those With No Voice"
Boyfriend tees, not only will you be wearing a powerful message for others to see but a portion of each sale will go directly to Destiny Rescue so that they can continue the critical work that they have set out to do.  Each t-shirt comes with a beautiful friendship bracelet that has been handcrafted by a child who has been rescued out of a life that few of us can comprehend.
Something compelling happens when we hold one of these bracelets in our hands and realize it has been created by a child who has known incomprehensible horrors and is now free to live the life that every child has an inherent right to & that God had intended her to live.
Won't you please join us in our mission to Make A Difference?
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 Thank you for joining us! Together we can do so much!!

 Photo by: Grace Boyer. Model: Izzy Brown