It's the new year. It's your year. It's your time to shine. 

Whenever we think of the new year, we rush into writing down a list of goals that are unattainable, and we often cave. We usually end up never crossing off more than a few things (if that) which can cause us to feel discouraged & guilty, or we can simply forget what we were working towards.  As cheesy as it sounds, A New Year means a New You.  You don't have to entirely "reinvent" yourself, but you can reinvent your mindset.   A fresh start is so exciting.  You can do or be absolutely anything that you desire, and you can begin at any moment.

So grab a pen and a notebook and write down a list of goals or as we prefer to call them, intentions for yourself to accomplish.  Setting goals for yourself are only going to make you stronger, and more motivated.  Think about it.  What do you hope to do or be this year?  Be kinder, try a different style, better your dance technique, receive straight A's on your report card,  try something different, make more friends or maybe some new ones?  The options are endless. 
And the best part is that it's all up to you.  
How are you going to conquer 2018? Being uncomfortable is creating a challenge for yourself.  As scary as this seems, try something new.  If something scares you, YOU CAN conquer it.  You have the abilities to do anything that you set your mind on and this is the intention part that we mentioned. Crossing a bridge that seems impossible will begin to make you feel like anything in life is possible.  Building up the courage to be brave, and trying something new will make you feel amazing. 

So what are you waiting for?  This year is your year! Conquer your fears, forget comfort zones, dance in the rain, and don't let anything hold you back!  Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  What you will find is that as you do,  you will encourage others to do the same!


Leandro Marte'
Izzy Brown
Belle Foxe
Abbey Rae
Riley McEvoy
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Colliton Studio NY, NY