February is the month of love! The most important relationship that we have is the relationship with ourselves! You are so beautiful, you are enough, you are worthy, and you might not even see that. But, WE DO! This challenge is put together so you can fall in love with who you are, and share the love given to others in your life to yourself. Embrace those insecurities, and let's make February the best month ever! XOXO


 Model: Lulu Lambros 

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by Mia Velasquez

Being an izzy be influencer has changed me, i get bullied and it’s not fun and during one of my hard times during bullying I came across this company, (IzzyBe)? Everything they posted was always so inspiring! A few months later I became an izzy be influencer! I have been able to express myself so much more now because of izzy be? thank you so much?