Confidence is feeling comfortable in your skin, and believing in yourself! Whether you are going to an audition for the school play, talking in front of your class for a presentation, modeling at a photo shoot, or just walking down the streets, confidence is KEY! Here are a few tips to keep in mind to master confidence! You do you, babe! You got this! :)

1). Love Yourself

You are you for a reason. Take pride in that! Love your insecurities.

2). Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

There is not one person who is exactly the way that you are. We all are insecure. We all have our struggles in life. Nobody is perfect, and if you compare yourself to girls who you think are, that will tear down your self-esteem! You are beautiful!

3). Surround Yourself With Positive People

"We Rise By Lifting Others". Be friends with the ones who celebrate your victories, small or big.

4). Stay Positive!

The more positive, the happier you will become. Being happy automatically helps with confidence, because HELLO - you are letting everyone see that beautiful smile!

5). Don't Overthink

Let loose, and don't let others opinions validate your own.

6). Journal!

Spend time just writing down your thoughts, and things that make you feel beautiful. Focus on those. Write down the negative thoughts about yourself, and try to overcome those.

7). Exercise!

Studies show that people who exercise have better self-esteem and better moods. Take a Zumba class, do yoga, walk your dog! Exercise in a fun and enjoyable way!

8). Clean Your Room!
I promise this is not your mom speaking! ;) When your room is organized and clean it gives your brain a break. You don't have to stress about a messy room, and bam - you are in a happier state!

9). Put On Clothes That Make You Feel Good

I cannot tell you how many times I have put on a cute outfit, and felt a million times better about myself. Putting on clothes that make you feel good automatically make you more confident. Grab your favorite Izzy Be top, and beanie and girl, you are ready to walk down the street with full force confidence!

10). Believe In Yourself

It all starts with you. You have to believe that you can do anything you want. You are beautiful and unique, and we believe in you! You will only set yourself backward. Believing in yourself will bring you forward!


Models: Izzy Brown (@itsizzybrown) , Hannah McCloud (@hannahgmccloud)

Photographer: Maiya Buck (


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