Fashion is a funny thing. It's a funny thing because we spend hour upon hours trying to find the perfect outfit. I know for a fact you constantly say "I have nothing to wear!" when you have a closet full of clothes. We've all been there. Heck! We are all still there. Instead of trying to put the perfect outfit together, grab three things out of your closet that normally would not go together, and try them on. It's funny because things that you don't think are going to look good together, do. Stepping outside of the box is what fashion is all about. Being fearless, and rocking the trends in a way that is different is how you become a fashion icon. You make people stop and stare, because you are different. We are all unique, so let that show in what you choose to wear. Fashion is all about choices. You can choose to be fearless or you can choose to be ordinary. What do you choose? 



Ruby Jay rocking the Be You Fitted Long Sleeve with a sparkly skirt, pattern leggings, and comfy yet fabulous sneakers. 


Izzy Brown channeling her inner cool girl with the  "Be Kind"  Rocker Tee in Vintage White. She tied it up, and kept the look super simple with denim and white sneakers. Add some funky glasses, and high socks and there you have it. A minimal, yet fashion forward look. 

Shoot by Ricardo Mantilla 


Brooklyn Gabby "Being Brave" & sporting a wide legged palazzo pant, platform boots, and threw a tie around her waste instead of a classic belt. Add on our signature Be Kind Cap, and she is ready to walk a runway. Can you say fearless?