Being Bullied?

You're not alone. In fact 60% of middle school students say they've been bullied. Many will tell you to ignore it, or to understand that the bully is probably jealous of you. But you can't ignore a bully forever. And even if the bully is jealous of you, constant bullying can really dig into your self esteem. So what do you do when those things aren't enough? Below you'll find 7 tips for what to do when you're being bullied.

1. Understand Bullying

People start to bully others for a variety of reasons. They might be going through a stressful situation and are using bullying as a coping mechanism, they might have insecurities that cause them to bully, they may have been bullied themselves, or they may have learned the behavior from someone they're close with. There are many reasons people bully but it's important to understand that none of those reasons are you. Don't blame yourself because if they weren't bullying you, they'd be bullying someone else. It isn't ever your fault if you're a victim of bullying.

2. Stand Tall & Be Brave

As difficult as it is, try not to let bullying get you down. It's hard for someone to bully a person who stands tall. If you feel safe, try talking to them. Tell them you don't like what's going on and that it's something that is negatively affecting you. You may be surprised at how they react; they may not have realized how big of an effect their words/actions were having on you.

3. Appreciate Your Gifts - Be You!

A bully may try hard to point out what they believe are your "flaws," but by focusing on what you love about yourself, what gifts you can offer the world, someone pointing out your so-called "flaws" will have little effect on you. When you know how valuable you are, it's hard for someone to make you feel any less than awesome. All about being yourself? Get our Be You Bundle here (5$ of each bundle goes directly to Bullies Reality, an organization dedicated to prevent bullying and help those who have been or are being bullied).

4. Focus on Why You're #Blessed, Not Why You're #Stressed

Find your talents and spend time doing things related to them. Great at singing? Try out for the school musical. Love to play soccer? Join the team. Find the things that you're good at, and instead of spending time stressing about bullying, you'll be spending time in ways that help you cope with your stress.

5. Don't Bully Back

It can be easy to react to a bully in a negative way. Don't. It will likely make you feel worse and could satisfy or antagonize the bully. It's best to walk away and get help rather than stick around to fight back.

6. Find a Friend, Be a Friend

Find someone who you might have classes together with and confide in them. Try to walk to class together, or sit together at lunch. Know someone else being bullied in one of your classes? Offer to walk to class with them or sit with them in study hall. If we all help each other, we'll all be better off.

7. Tell Someone

Don't go through it alone. We recommend reporting it to a teacher, parent, guardian, or mentor, and see what help they can provide. If you're not yet comfortable doing that, talk to a friend about it. Having someone to help you see clearly during a stressful situation like being bullied can be immensely helpful.

8. Be Kind

Take a little advice from Selena Gomez, and kill them with kindness. Be kind to your friends, be kind to your teachers, be kind to your family, and be kind to your bully. Whether the bully reciprocates this kindness or not, you're spreading kindness wherever you go. Love spreading kindness? Get our Be Kind Bundle here (5$ of each bundle goes directly to Bullies Reality, an organization dedicated to prevent bullying and help those who have been or are being bullied).
If you have done everything you can to resolve the situation and nothing has worked, or someone is in immediate danger, there are ways to get help. Click here to get help directly from Bullies Reality