Along with holiday cheer, our goal this December is to spread as much kindness around as possible. Join us in our challenge! Try to complete 1 or 2 random acts of kindness every day this month! Bonus points if you get a friend to do these with you :) 

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  1. Give a compliment to someone on their outfit. Find someone who is wearing something you love or something that is really unique and let them know!
  2. Give a compliment to someone on their hair. Does someone’s hair look extra shiny? Ask them for a product recommendation! They’ll be so flattered.
  3. Give a compliment to someone on their personality. Did someone tell an extra funny joke? Ask a really good question in class? Let them know! Compliments aren’t just for appearances!
  4. Shop Amazon? Be sure to use Amazon Smile to donate to your favorite charity. You can learn more here
  5. Say “thank you” to someone who made a difference in your life lately.
  6. Say “thank you” to someone who is making a difference in other people’s lives, whether it’s soldiers, police officers, teachers, etc.
  7. Make your bed and clean up your room without your parents asking you to!
  8. Call your local nursing home (with your parents’ permission) and ask if there are any volunteer opportunities coming up.
  9. Know a friend going through a tough time? Reach out to them and let them know you’re there for them
  10. Come home from school and see a bunch of dishes in the sink? Wash them, dry them, and put them away without your parents asking you to. We guarantee it’ll make their day!
  11. Comment on a couple people’s Instagram posts letting them know how much you appreciate them.
  12. Send your parents a sweet text randomly letting them know how much you appreciate them.
  13. Donate some of the clothes you don’t wear anymore to a local thrift store.
  14. Next time your hear someone gossiping about someone, chime in with something nice about them and let them know it’s not kind to talk behind people’s backs.
  15. Post positive notes around your house for your family to enjoy.
  16. Ask your parents if you can invite someone to dinner who struggles to make friends at school.
  17. Write a note to a teacher who has helped you and let them know you appreciate it!
  18. Smile at someone in the hallway, just because.
  19. Hold the door open for 5 people today. And 6 more tomorrow.
  20. Talk to the person sitting by themselves at lunch.
  21. Have a friend going through a breakup? Make her a playlist on Spotify to help her get through the tough time.
  22. Let your sister borrow that sweater of yours that she loves.
  23. Give someone a hug who seem like they need it.
  24. Call your grandparents!
  25. Instead of getting mad at the next person who is rude to you, remind yourself that everyone is fighting their own battles.
  26. Say thank you to your school janitor.
  27. Tell your siblings you appreciate them.
  28. Help your parents with dinner tonight.
  29. Spread some encouragement online. We need more of it out there!
  30. You deserve kindness too! Write 10 things down that you love about yourself.

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by Lily

A friend of my parents is really struggling right now and we found out they haven’t eaten in 2 days. So we went shopping in our cabinets and freezer and brought them 2 big bins of food. I also make it a point say something kinda about someone on socal media everyday because I think everyone should spread more kindness around.

by Emaan

Ohhhh this is amazing I️ would love to help. I️ would love to be a part of this