Labor Day is officially over, which means it's back to school season. While for some this means fun back to school shopping, seeing friends everyday in the hall, and participating in sports after school, it can also bring some new stressors - like trying to fit in and dealing with varying levels of bullying. While we can't always change the bullies' behavior, we can change our own. Who knows, you could make someone's day!

Here are 5 ways to be kind at school:

1. Give Someone a Genuine Compliment

Love Jess' new notebook? Think Taylor asked a really intelligent question in Math? Tell them! And don't stop there, see how many compliments you can fit in this week. You'll be surprised how many compliments come back around.

2. Say Hi to Someone You Don't Normally Talk To

Whether it's the girl sitting alone at lunch or the guy without a lab partner, make an effort to talk to someone this week that you usually don't talk to. They may be feeling extra lonely and could use the interaction.

3. Thank Your Teacher

Your peers aren't the only ones who could benefit from your kindness. If you noticed the class you were in acted out a little more than usual today, give your teacher a quick "thank you for being so patient with us" on the way out the door. It'll mean more than you know!

4. Help Someone with Their Things

See someone struggling to open their locker or carry their project to class? Offer to help! Even a small gesture like that can really de-stress someone's day.

5. Smile More!

You'd be surprised at how contagious a smile is. It can be easy to be so focused on getting to class that you walk with your head down through the halls, but make it a point this week to look up and smile at a few of your peers as you make eye contact.